“just pick a movie already, michael.”

i sat down next to calum and then kinda shifted so my head was on his lap. michael ended up picking some weird movie called babysitters on netflix.

( A/N: this is actually a real movie and it’s about a babysitter hooking up with her boss and yada yada)

michael came and sat down where my feet were, he picked them up, sat down, then placed them on his lap. luke was on the floor. i don’t even know why, and ashton was sitting on the other couch. i sat up again and leaned into calum, throwing a blanket over the both of us.


"y/n, stop it" calum squirmed under me as i continued to palm him through his jeans.

"this movie is boring though" i whispered back. i moved closer to him if that was even possible and nibbled on his ear a little, "and plus," i whispered, kissing under his ear, "i’m really horny" i made sure that only him could hear. he bit his lip and silently groaned, throwing his head back.


"bye guys!" i waved goodbye to the boys then closed the door, turning around to look at calum, who was behind me the whole time.

"i’m tired, we should go to bed don’t you think?" i tried hiding my smile, before i proceeded to go upstairs. before i could even take a step, calum grabbed my wrist and turned me around, shoving me against the wall, pinning my wrist next to each side of my head.

"oh, oh, oh. you aren’t getting off that easy" he growled. "look what you caused," he grinded against me, making me moan. "look how hard you made me. go upstairs, get naked and lay on the bed. when I get up there, you better be ready for daddy."

i furiously nodded and ran upstairs, completely turned on by the fact that i would probably have to call him daddy all night. i opened the door and stripped of all my clothing, laying on the bed.

after about 10 minutes, Calum still wasn’t showing up, getting impatient; i spread my legs, letting my hands trail down to where i needed it most. i rubbed my clit in circles, pretending it was calum’s fingers.

"did daddy say you could touch yourself?" calum walked over to the bed, wearing only joggers. "you’re such a bad girl, y/n" he shook his head, taking my hand away from my core. "i was actually gonna go a bit easier on you, but i guess not anymore." he walked over to the closet and grabbed two ties wrapping each of my wrist to the headboard. "maybe this will teach you not to tease daddy when his friends are over."

i moaned out his name and tried putting my legs together, trying to create some type of friction but calum wouldn’t let that happen.

"daddy please" i pleaded.

"please what, baby girl?" he smirked, kissing down my body; totally avoiding where i needed him the most. his face was right in between my thighs. i could feel his breath.

"eat me out, finger me, touch me, do something, please daddy" i bucked my hips up to meet his face.

calum grabbed my hips and shoved them down, quickly licking up and down my slit.

"yes, yes, yes. fuck daddy, just like that" i moaned. i would do anything right now to get out of these fucking ties and run my fingers through his hair.

"more daddy please, fuck"

he went harder and deeper, his tongue licking and sucking my clit. no mercy.

"f-fuck calum im cumming" i moaned, bucking my hips up. he immediately looked up at me and removed his face from my core. my orgasm going away.

"i told you to call me daddy" he stated, clearly mad. "you’ve been such a bad girl, baby" he reached above me and undid the restraints before leaning down to my ear. "and bad girls get punished"

he grabbed my wrist and pulled me up off the bed. he sat on the bed while i stood up.

"10 slaps. you count them and thank me for all of them. if you loose track or forget to thank me; we start over and it’s doubled to 20, okay?"

i nodded my head and looked at him, he pulled me closer to him; me now standing in between his legs.

"use your words, baby girl" he whispered, kissing me for the first time that night, and god i missed his kisses.

"yes daddy"

he nodded and bent me over his knee, rubbing my bum before his hand made contact with it. i cried out in pain, still not used to it.

"one. thank you daddy" and it went on like that until the tenth slap, where the pleasure was overwhelming. "you like that don’t you. you like getting punished, don’t you?


he laid me back down and redid the restraints on my wrist. then climbing off the bed, he took off his joggers and boxers, his cock sprang out hitting his toned stomach and he stroked himself.

i closed my eyes and moaned, feeling calum get on the bed again.

"daddy please" i begged him.

"daddy please what?" i was so frustrated at this point i didn’t even care how pathetic I sounded, i just wanted relief. "please fuck me" i pleaded.

he smirked and me and ran his fingers down my body, making me shiver.

"beg for it, baby"

"daddy please fuck me with you huge cock, please fuck me senseless, daddy. i need it. fuck me until i can’t even remember my own name"

and that, was it all it took. he slammed into me without warning and pounded into me relentlessly.

"fuck y/n, you’re so tight baby"

i just moaned and starting meeting my hips with his, going in rhythm with his thrust.

"calum please" i pulled at the restraints. "let me go" i know he loved it when i ran my fingers through his hair and i loved doing it for him but being in this situation i couldn’t really. he sighed and slowed down a bit, using one hand to undue them, after he did he sped up his pace.

i wrapped my arms around his neck. “fuck fuck fuck, yesss y/n. do you like it when i pound you hard like that”

i nodded and threw my head back, raking my nails down calums back.

"shit you look so hot under me y/n"

i ran my fingers through his hair, slightly tugging at it.

"you’re so perfect baby, so fucking beautiful." he commented

"i-i- y/n! im about to cum babe holy fuck." he panted

"me too baby, fuck. harder"

he quickened his pace if that was even possible and put his head in my neck.

"calum calum calum fuck, im cumming babe holy shit" i reached my high and shortly after he reached his, collapsing on top of me and rolling onto his side of the bed.

"that was amazing. i love you much y/n" "i love you too cal"

wow im exhausted. i think i almost died tbh. and it came out longer than i wanted it to be okay.

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