in all honesty i don’t think calum would date you as a bet, he’s too nice and sweet and genuine and loyal and the list goes on, but let’s get this on the road, shall we?


i walked in the front door of calum and i’s shared house, walking up the stairs to where the boys practice, when we bought the house we made share they had a room to themselves; kinda like a man cave.

i walked to the end of the hallway reaching for the doorknob.

"i only went out with her as a bet" i heard calum clearly through the door. i froze, taking my hand of the doorknob going to rub my temples. how could i be so stupid?

i opened the door and he looked at me, his eyes wide, knowing that i heard him.

"there’s your coffee, you dick"

"oh uh okay, ill see you later, cal, i um have to go um do that thing at um that place" luke awkwardly nodded before walking out.

"yeah i should go help him with that thing at that place" michael added and walked out, close behind luke.

"um yeah, i should um go to the other thing at that other place in um town, i guess" ashton grabbed his bag and ran out.

i looked at calum and waited for him to say something, anything.

"god you’re an asshole!" i walked out of the room, walking to our shared bedroom, slamming the door and locking it.

"fuck!" i screamed, kicking the dresser. "fuck fuck fuck!" i started banging on the walls, before leaning against and it sliding down.

i crawled up onto the bed and got under the blankets.

i thought he loved me, i was so convinced, maybe he should quit the band and get into acting. i shook my head and began to cry.

"y/n? please open the door babe. let me explain" calum lightly knocked on the door.

"no go away!" i sobbed

"c’mon y/n please" he pleaded.


i then heard the door unlock. “what? how did yo-“

"my dad taught me well babe" he crawled into the bed with me, wrapping his arms around me.

"no no no no," i placed my hands on his chest and rolled out of his grip. "that’s not allowed"

i got off the bed and walked towards the door. “the door is right here, so leave”

"y/n, le-" he got off the bed, walking towards me. i rolled my eyes, cutting him off. "let you explain? calum, there’s nothing to explain! i was a bet! a dare! nothing but a little game to you, you never loved me, god im such an idiot, i was so convinced you actually cared about me, i was such an idiot to fall for an asshole like you! so tell me calum what exactly was the bet, what did you have to do earn like i don’t know fifty dollars?"

he looked down.

“i had to get you to fall in love with me,”

he sounded broken and guilty and it hurt like hell hearing him like that.

"then i had to take your virginity”

i let out a laugh. “well, you did both calum, mission accomplished. when were you were gonna throw me out on the street, abandon me?” i yelled, tears streaming down my face.

"see that’s the thing y/n. i was never gonna abandon you! never! i fell in love with you y/n. i love you"

i scoffed. “yeah right, please just lea-” he rushed towards me and grabbed my legs, lifting me up and wrapping them around his torso, before placing his lips on mine. i immediately responded, our lips moving in sync.

"let me prove it to you." he mumbled against my lips. i nodded and he smiled, kissing me again.

i unwrapped my legs, landing on the ground with a light thump. calum placed his hands on my hips, playing with the hem of my shirt. he attached his lips to my neck, sucking and nipping at the skin.

"hmm" i threw my head back, allowing him more access.

"i love it when you moan like that" he tugged on my shirt before pulling it over my head. he pulled down my bra straps and reached behind me to unclasp it, the light material falling to the floor.

"god i love you y/n" i got up onto the bed and calum followed, hovering over me. he unbuttoned my jeans and hooked his thumbs inside the denim material.

"lift up baby" i lifted my hips and he slid down my jeans and my underwear.

"you are the most beautiful girl in the entire universe" he quickly placed his lips on mine before pulling away. i sat up and took off his shirt, exposing his toned, tan chest, his jeans hanging low on his hips.

he leaned back down and kissed down my body, before burying his face in between my legs.

"fuck calum, yes, just like that baby" i squirmed under his touch as he went harder.

"hmm" he hummed, sending the vibrations up my body.

"oh fuck calummmm," i moaned. "i-i fuck calum im cumming holy shit" i threw my head back as i felt my toes curl, my back arched. a string of curse words left my mouth i reached my high.

"you taste so good baby" calum licked me clean then went to kiss me. "im gonna make you feel so good" he mumbled against my lips.

i flipped him over so that i was on top, kissing his neck. i pulled his jeans all the way down his legs and discarded them somewhere in the room.

he flipped us back over. “ready baby girl?” i nodded as he slowly pushed himself into me.

"i love you" he began to thrust into me, holding me close. he thrust so deep and slow, letting me feel every inch of him.

"you’re so fucking perfect"



"harder please" he looked at me before he took it out. i whined at the loss of contact, he flipped me over so I was on my hands and knees, my bum sticking up.

he thrust into me, hard.

"uhhh yes yes yes calum fuck me"

his tip reached me g-spot every single time, making me see stars. “calum!” i moaned into the pillow.

"fuck c’mon baby girl" he grunted, his thrust became sloppy and i knew he was close, but like a gentleman he wanted to make sure i finished first.

"calum, im cumming" i reached behind me and grabbed his forearm, the knots in my stomach forming.

"cum for me babe" he reached where we met and rubbed at my clit with his thumbs.

my eyes squeezed shut as i screamed calums name, reaching my high, him following shortly after. i rolled over onto my back and calum laid down next to me. both of us trying to catch out breath. he gave me my underwear and his t-shirt and i put them on as he put on his boxers. we laid back down.

"do you really love me calum?" i said after a while.

he rolled over and took me in his arms, my head resting on his chest, listening to his heartbeat.

"of course y/n"

he continued, “remember our 8 month anniversary?” he started rubbing up and down my arm and kept talking. “remember i took you out to that really fancy restaurant and as soon as we pulled into the parking lot you asked me to bail because you hate it when i spend a lot of money on you, even if it’s just food. so on our 8 month anniversary, we went home and we watched movies and ate pizza and just cuddled and for days after, you would tell me over me and over how perfect you thought it was. and we made a promise, kind of like vows but we weren’t even engaged or married or anything. i remember i promised you that i would always love you no matter what happened, no matter if one day you moved on or even if you completely fell out of love with me. and you started crying and you told me you were so happy with our relationship and how it was going” his eyes watered, relieving the memory. “you didn’t know that you were a bet, you didn’t know anything. and we made it y/n, it’s been a year and a half, and i fell in love with you like 2 months in.” he lifted up my shirt a little bit over my hip. “remember the tattoo?” he asked, rubbing the ink on my hip. ‘forever and always’ it read in nice cursive. we got it matching but his on his collarbone, right across from his MMXII tattoo.

"and i would hate to loose you right now, not after how far we’ve made it, all the shit we’ve been through together, please y/n you have to believe me. I’m in love with you y/n." he broke out into sobs, holding me closer.

"calum? calum please don’t cry. everything’s gonna be okay baby. we’re okay," i wiped his tears and hugged him. "i forgive you, okay?" he nodded and took me in his arms again.

"I’m so so sorry y/n" he placed his face in my neck and i ran my fingers through his hair.

"i love you cal"

aw calum, i love him❤️ I’m sorry to whoever requested this, I’m sorry it took so long, I was just recently moved into a foster home and I have a lot of problems to fight right now. You can still request stuff and I’ll definitely write it but it might take a while, maybe 2-6 days.

you guys are the best❤️

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