k lets get this show on the road

he took my two wrists and pinned them above my head with one of his hands and he grounded his hip into mine.

"hmm michael please" i moaned.

"ride me baby girl. ride my like a good girl" he muttered into my neck and then relaxed so i could flip us over.

i unbuckled his jeans and tugged then down his legs, discarding them somewhere in the room, being that he was already shirtless, that’s all i had to do.

i lined myself up and slid down onto him, as i felt him feel me up.

"holy shit" i mumbled, rocking my hips in figure eights.

"fuck ill do it myself then" michael said before grabbing my hips and slamming into me.

"oh god, fuuuuck michael" i leaned down and placed my lips to his, before burying my face into his neck.

"fuck that’s so good michael" i began kissing and sucking on his neck, trying to leave marks.

michael rubbed my ass before brining his hand down forcefully making me gasp at the sudden contact.

"tell me you love it baby, say my name" he gripped my hips tighter, sure to be leaving bruises tomorrow.

"yes michael i love it. i love it when you pound me hard like this" i moaned, kissing him again.

"holy crap im cumming baby" i looked down at him and saw him bite his lip, a look of pure concentration on his face.

"cum for me mikey. let it go" and that took him over the edge, he threw and head back and shot his load into me and i followed shortly after.

"oh my god" i rolled onto my back, trying to steady my breathing.

"that was fucking amazing" michael laughed, getting the colorful that was stuck to his forehead "unstuck".


i put on his t-shirt and my underwear after he put on his boxers and cuddled up to him as he wrapped his arms around me and just starting talking about his day and how it went and stuff and soon enough my eyes began to shut.

he stroked my hair. “shh go to sleep baby, I’ll be here when you wake up”


i woke up and stretched, looking beside me to find peacefully sleeping, i quickly kissed his forehead before putting on a pair of spandex and rolling the bottom of his shirt so it went up to where my waist was and went downstairs.

"oh hey guys" i yawned, greeting the boys before stretching again, my shirt rode up a bit, exposing my hip bones and a little of my stomach.

"oi, what happened y/n?" calum asked, pointing to my waist, where sure enough there were bruises from michael holding me.

"what do you mean what happened" michael said, walking up behind me and hugging me.

"she has bruises on her hi-ooh i see what happened here. you guys did the dirty last night." calum laughed with the rest of the boys.

i his my face in michaels chest, trying to hide the red rising in my cheeks.

"did she top?" luke yelled, making me hug michael even tighter. i looked up at michael and saw him mouthing ‘yes’ to luke and then acting like he never did.

"well good luck explaining those things on your neck to the fans" ashton pointed out before grabbing his toast out of the toaster.

after we got ready for the day, i walked out of the house with michael, hand in hand as we walked to the car to head to the store.

as soon as we arrived some fans came to meet him and take pictures.

"michael, what’s those things on your neck. is that a hicke-michael you didn’t!" a fan giggled as michael shamelessly nodded his head, figuring that’s there’s no point in lying about it. she asked for a picture and autograph and got on her way before stopping by me and whispering "you lucky lucky girl" she smiled and waved at us, walking away with her friends.

"I thought it was gonna be harder to explain" michael laughed, before leading me into the store.
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